Skin Sense, a day spa receives many requests for charitable sponsorship of events every year, and we take pride in our community involvement. Skin Sense recently founded the Skin Sense Foundation through which we expect to continue and expand our company’s commitment to charitable causes. The Foundation focuses its charitable giving on causes that benefit women, children, and animals.

These are some of the organizations that The Skin Sense Foundation has supported in the past:

If you have a fundraising effort you would like the Skin Sense Foundation to support with a charitable gift, and it is within the scope of the Foundation’s mission, we welcome your request. Please submit your request in writing with a description of your organization, the event for which you seek sponsorship, and how you would like the Foundation to participate. Please provide an email address to which we can respond or submit questions. We receive many requests and regret that we cannot respond to all of them or support all of the causes seeking our participation.

Please keep in mind that The Skin Sense Foundation is not affiliated with any particular group or cause and all donations are made at the sole discretion of The Foundation without regard to gender, race or creed.

Please contact us regarding charitable donations at: